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27 October 2020
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Ripple (XRP) Internet of Value is coming to Life and UBRI goes Virtual This Year

UBRI Connect goes virtual.  UBRI connect brings together top scholars from across the world to make it possible for them to showcase their blockchain initiatives to accelerate Academia’s collaborative involvement in the ecosystem.

This is the second year of UBRI Connecting partners academics and PayID – the Open Payment Coalition, thought leaders and industry experts in one place thus enriching content and networking.

Emi Yoshikawa tweeted:  “Excited about UBRI Connect 2020, which is kicking off this afternoon! It brings together academics from 37 universities that @Ripple supports to share blockchain research findings across various disciplines!”

The topics covered are Blockchain for Global Transformation; Digital Asset Adoption; Decentralized Finance; Competitive Advantage; Tech in Times of Crisis; CBDC’s; Regulatory Deep Dive; Financial Inclusion; Web Monetization; and Stablecoins.

Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert tweeted: “Ripple (XRP) are doing all it takes to make access to capital easier for their customers.”

The world is moving quickly in the process of adopting digital assets.  Internet of Value is coming to life.  While Ripple are working to build a sustainable future, the Data Science team are evaluating the impact of payment methods which are used across the world.  The decision of how to pay when we buy something is unavoidable every time we buy.

The payment decisions many times have an impact on the environment and Ripple recently resolved to carbon net zero by 2030.  There is an environmental impact by payment methods like cryptocurrencies, cash and credit cards.

With consumers and community members are having to make environment conscious decisions every day.  In an apple-to-apple comparison carbon emission levels of different payment methods were calculated.  The dangers of carbon emission were documented in real time data and Ripple has undertaken to ensure Carbon net-zero by 2030.

Ripple (XRP) Stream-Lining Global Payments

Day in and Day out stream-lining global payments and reaching new customers with RippleNet is the target goal.

While Ripple reinstates on regulatory clarity some of the commentator state that they are shocked as to how they are not able to understand how Ripple works alongside the right people in the industry and yet is not able to get any clarity.

Whether we realize it or not, Ripple is handling the toughest challenges of our times.  Low income communities, poverty induced by the pandemic, lockdowns and all uncertain things have been happening, despite all the work continues to be progressing.

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