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29 May 2024
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Robert Kiyosaki Advocates Bitcoin Amid Impending BRICS Crypto Launch

“Rich Dad Poor Dad” Author Robert Kiyosaki has advised his followers to buy Bitcoin (BTC) again. While he is known to always make this call, this time around, he believes the coin can prevent fallout from the US Dollar crash.

BRICS Crypto and Bitcoin Advantage

Robert Kiyosaki revealed that he is currently in South Africa, one of the founding members of the BRICS alliance. In the country, he noted that there are charters of what will happen when BRICS nations produce BRICS Crypto. It is worth noting that this BRICS Crypto conversation remains one of the biggest subjects emanating from the alliance thus far this year.

Per the observation made by Kiyosaki, the BRICS Crypto may possibly be backed by Gold. Though the exact details remain unknown, Robert Kiyosaki said should the BRICS  gold crypto asset happen, it might impact USD. With members of the BRICS alliance controlling a significant supply of USD used for international oil trade, a launched crypto might render the fiat invalid.

This has a cascading effect as it will fuel the currency’s return back to the United States. With the potential return of trillions in USD sent back to the US, Robert Kiyosaki projected that it might fuel hyperinflation. By previous trend, this hyperinflation will devalue the Dollar, impacting the purchasing power of the populace.

In order to prevent the harsh impact of this potential macroeconomic meltdown, Robert Kiyosaki advised buying proven assets. His top picks include Gold, Silver and Bitcoin. Each of these asset has its own strength, however, Bitcoin is deflationary and fast gaining acceptance around the world.

In earlier counsels, Robert Kiyosaki has pitched Bitcoin as an asset that can soar as high as $300,000 by the end of this year. His conviction on Bitcoin pushes him to consistently inject capital in the coin.

Embracing Wider Accessibility

Per his previous comments regarding Bitcoin as a way to prevent fallout from BRICS crypto and other economic mishap, Kiyosaki always emphasize buying even at least a fraction of the coin.

Today, there are different ways to gain exposure to the coin now. Besides buying BTC from different crypto trading platform, the US now has spot Bitcoin ETF products trading on regulated exchanges. Following the greenlight from the US SEC in January, BlackRock, Fidelity Investments and others have recorded huge inflows to date.

Recent reporting from US firms also shows intense accumulation of the coin across the board, underscoring a significant pivot overall.

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