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24 September 2022
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Samsung Introduces New Security Chip that Protects Crypto Transactions

Samsung Electronics, a South Korean multinational electronics company, has introduced a new Security Chip “EAL 6+ certified-SE chip”. This newly introduced Samsung electronics Chip specifically protects cryptocurrency transactions and other personal data and activities on mobile devices. According to the press release on May 26, 2020, Samsung’s latest security chip is a standalone turnkey security solution introduced for applications and mobile devices to solve security issues.

A CC EAL 6+ Certified Chip

According to the press release, the latest security Chip of the electronics company has been certified with the industry’s highest security standard that is Common Criteria Evaluation Assurance Level (CC EAL) 6+. Therefore, cryptocurrency transactions will remain highly secured on mobile devices.

Moreover, the security chip consists of Secure Element (SE) chip (S3FV9RR) and enhanced security software which provides security and protection to booting, isolated storage, mobile payment, and other applications.

The Senior Vice President of System LSI marketing at Samsung Electronics Dongho Shin says that we want our mobile devices to be highly secured in the present era of mobility and says that our turnkey security solution will be helpful in securing private information on mobile devices. According to Dongho Shin:

“In this era of mobility and contactless interactions, we expect our connected devices, such as smartphones or tablets, to be highly secure so as to protect personal data and enable fintech activities such as mobile banking, stock trading, and cryptocurrency transactions. With the new standalone security element solution (S3FV9RR), Samsung is mounting a powerful deadbolt on smart devices to safeguard private information.”

The new security solution has twice the secure storage capacity

According to the tech giant, the company’s newest standalone turnkey security solution has twice the secure storage capacity and can bring mobile devices’ security to the high level with the support of the root of trust (RoT) and secure boot. The quality of this security solution is that it works independently which makes it a versatile security solution.

As per the announcement, the new security solution is expected to be available in the third quarter of the present year.

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