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29 January 2022
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Square Crypto Funds “The Eye of Satoshi” Bitcoin Lightning Network Watchtower

Square Crypto has been dispensing out grants to developers working on free, open source projects that underpin the future burgeoning of both the Bitcoin and Lightning networks. This time around, its latest allocation went to a watchtower service for the Bitcoin Lightning.

The digital currency creation division of Jack Dorsey’s Square payments company, Square Crypto, has offered to sponsor the Eye of Satoshi, a Lightning Network watchtower that keeps track of blockchain transactions to shield the users on the layer-two scaling solution.

The Eye of Satoshi watchtower comes from the Spanish developer Talaia. Watchtowers were introduced to the Lightning Network back in 2019 to act as a reserve service option for tracking blockchain transactions when your Lightning software is inactive. Indeed, with the Eye of Satoshi observing, it is impossible for peers to block the channel and grab your crypto.

“If your Lightning Network software is ‘offline’—as in it isn’t actively monitoring the blockchain—you need a third-party that can keep watch for you. This could be because you’re running a lightweight wallet, aren’t actively using your wallet, or your Lightning Network node crashes. This is what watchtowers do.” highlighted Square Crypto on Twitter.

Square Crypto highlights the benefits of having watchtowers in place

Currently, Talaia operates on C-Lightning and will also work with different Lightning Network enactments. Additionally, Square Crypto noted that there will be several advantages of the Eye of Satoshi than just keeping an eye on blockchain transactions. According to the funding firm, the watchtower protects the network’s users from some type of attacks.

Square Crypto is an arm of major Fintech firm Square, founded and run by the also CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey. Dorsey is famous in the cryptocurrency industry for his support for Bitcoin. Moreover, Dorsey is not only an oral supporter of Bitcoin but he also practically purchases a full Bitcoin every week, utilizing Square Cash App. Furthermore, the Twitter CEO has also set up a task force at the social media giants to develop a decentralized version of Twitter. 

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