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7 December 2023
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Tron Foundation (TRX) Has Actually a Very Good Use Case on Blockchain

Tron Foundation users feel that More DEFI = Less liquid TRX due to it being locked in contracts = TRX pump. That’s the reason ethereum has been pumping so hard. There’s like 4 billion dollars locked in liquidity pools + the eth 2.0 staking contract is 1% of all eth.

In response some other users expressed, it’s starting to happen on TRON as well. With lending and LPs, the USDJ system and Dapps, lots of trx gets locked, as well as for consensus. I think TRX is going to be very popular long term as a solution.

The community already feel that the TRON Foundation should focus on TRX as opposed to creating different types of coins.  Some of them do not have a clue as to how the entire system works.

However, Justin Sun is confident in the way things are progressing.  In response to a question about compound finance building compound cash, Justin Sun recently tweeted:  “Let’s give TRON network a try. Problem solved.  We are happy to sponsor it.”

In response on the users expressed, Justin, you could build a Compound Chain Starport on TRON, which would allow you to borrow Ethereum assets using TRON assets, and vice versa.

Tron Foundation expressed that the circulation amount of TRC20-USDT issued by Tether_to to TRON network is exceeding 6.6 billion.

Commenting, Sydney Ifergan, the crypto expert opined:  “As far as I know, The TRON Foundation projects have done their homework before they talk about it and therefore no listening to anyone whatsoever.  They simply keep going.”

Tron Foundation (TRX)

Justin Sun through his tweet thanked the entire community for their support in 2020.  He requested that the community should vote for Justin Sun Tron as the most influential person in crypto in 2020 for the event at CoinMarketCap.  He has also published that users will receive holiday presents from TRON.

The details of the prize being:  1st: Apple AirPods Pro 2nd: Apple AirPods 3rd: Apple HomePod mini 4th-10th: TRON Merch.

He also asked that users should follow JustinSunTRON + comment with their voting screenshot where winners will be able to randomly pick to get the rewards.

Someone who supported TRON stated, when was the last time you used BTC to send it around exchanges? I use USDT on TRX chain, and it takes 10 seconds paying no withdrawal fees. I am ashamed to say this but Tron Blockchain has actually a good use case!

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