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8 August 2022
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Tron News Today – Headlines for June 24

  • Justin Sun to embrace mixer community via DLive
  • Tron 4.0 users are creating TRX wallets to receive prizes
  • Some users of Mixer are unhappy about Tron’s involvement

Tron News Today – according to reports, Tron’s Justin Sun will embrace the mixer community via streaming platform DLive. Streamers, stream video games, and movies for live audiences. They make money from viewer donation and advertising merchandise. In a tweet Sun said:

We know that understand who built their careers on WatchMixer may find it difficult to make a choice now. We want you to join OfficialDLive, the new rewarding community to empower content creators.”

Here is what Mixer tweeted recently:

There is a piece of big news for mixer’s partners, streamers, and the community. After closing the operations section of Mixer, we are officially entering a partnership with FacebookGaming. You are all invited to join.”

Most Mixer Users Are Disappointed

Streamers who have been depending on mixer are disappointed because they have been working hard to build it into an incredible platform. They have grown passionate about the mixer community. This is a difficult time for the mixer community. According to Sydney Ifergan, a crypto expert:

Good. Tron’s Justin Sun is set to support and embrace the talented stream of Mixers.

There is hope brewing around the Tron 4.0 offering and the ongoing DeFi boom that began in recent days. Users have started to make TRX wallets to receive their prizes. According to one report that studied Tron:

It turns out the active supply of the TRX token in the last 30 days has shown that Tron is a healthy and active ecosystem.”

This was done after scrutinizing the data on the issue of Tron having a compromised origin (a plagiarized white paper) and other critical details relating to Tron.

There Will Always be Dissidents Against Tron

The report adds that the negative criticism on the issue is about intellectual snobbery and focusing man Twitter trolls. Most of them are not even looking deep into the level of success that Tron has achieved in the sector. Tron has done some good business over the years. There is enough proof to back this up. The network is probably more real than 90% of the Blockchains out there.

All in all, there is a section of the mixer community who have refused to believe anything positive about Tron. There is no doubt that there are some really good offerings on the Tron. The issue is that many users have not looked into the solutions offered by Tron and what it does exclusively. Tron and JST are everywhere, BitTorrent too. All are owned by Sun. When Sun speaks on the matter, he will likely cover the facts and mix-ups within his projects.

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