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24 March 2023
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TRON owners are preparing for second round BTT airdrop. This is how you participate!

On 11 February, people with tron ​​(TRX) received BitTorrent tokens (BTT) in their wallet for the first time as part of an airdrop. Every 11th of the month they receive a small amount of BTT based on the number of TRX they have in their wallet. March 11 is the time for the second round.

Since the airdrop lasts until February 2025, TRX will be an interesting cryptocurrency in the coming years to keep in your wallet. Every year the number of BTT that is divided also increases. The scheme for the BTT airdrop looks like this:

2019/03/11 – 2020/02/11: 990,000,000 BTT distributed among TRX holders
2020/03/11 – 2021/02/11: 1,072,500,000 BTT divided among TRX holders
2021/03/11 – 2022/02/11: 1.155 million BTT distributed among TRX holders
2022/03/11 – 2023/02/11: 1,237,500,000 BTT divided among TRX holders
2023/03/11 – 2024/02/11: 1,320,000,000 BTT distributed among TRX holders
2024/03/11 – 2025/02/11: 1,402,500,000 BTT divided among TRX holders

If you want to take advantage of the airdrop, it is important that you have your TRX in a wallet or on an exchange that supports the airdrop. The following large exchanges and wallets support the airdrop (see here the complete list of exchanges and wallets that support the airdrop):

Trust Wallet

The BitTorrent token is the native token of the BitTorrent platform. Users can send peer-to-peer files on the platform, and was taken over by Justin Sun, CEO of TRON last year. Sun wants to further expand and integrate BitTorrent with TRON. Using the BitTorrent token, users can, among other things, buy more bandwidth for faster download speeds.

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