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13 August 2022
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VeChain: Special edition of the Nike Air Max 1 is verified by blockchain

  • Australian shoe manufacturers Case Shiel and The Kickz will be releasing an Air Max 1 from June 28, 2020, which will be verified via the VeChainThor blockchain.
  • The VeChain Toolchain presented by VeChain this year will be used to monitor the product along the complete value chain.

Product piracy is one of the biggest problems of today’s market economy, which could not yet be eliminated from the market with the measures taken so far. According to data from the analysis service Statista.com, companies worldwide suffer financial losses amounting to $323 billion. One project of the crypto-scene that offers a suitable solution is VeChain.

Chase Shiel and The Kickz Stand rely on VeChain

The Australian shoe manufacturers Chase Shiel, already on the market since 2010 and The Kickz Stand have announced that they will launch a custom made Air Max sneaker from June 28, 2020, which will be monitored with the VeChain toolchain. The special collection will be sold exclusively through the official Chase Shiel website.

The Kickz Stand is announcing on Twitter that the new Air Max 1 ‘Cherry’ from Chase Shiel will be launched, based on the Studdy SB Dunk model launched 15 years ago. The following video shows how the shoe will look in detail.

Sarah Nabaa, VeChain’s Vice President for Asia and Australia, praised the step taken by the shoe manufacturers and described how the last pair of Chase Shiel shoes she bought after scanning the QR code for verification confirmed the authenticity of the product and showed that the shoes were made especially for her.

Chase Shiel has been working with VeChain since the end of last year to verify the authenticity of expensive custom sneakers by using the Blockchain. A chip specially developed by VeChain is used for this purpose, which carries all product information and can be read by a simple QR code on the product packaging.

It verifies important information such as the production location, date, stations along the value chain and the authenticity of the shoes. The VeChain ToolChain™ is a suite specially developed by VeChain, which contains all important tools that companies need to be able to use the VeChain Thor Blockchain in their business. According to CEO Sunny Lu, the tool will pave the way for mass adoption of VeChain and the use of the Blockchain worldwide.

There are already countless world-renowned companies such as PwC, H&M, BMW, Renault and Walmart China who trust VeChain ToolChain™.vechain toolchain

Source: https://medium.com/vechain-foundation/recap-of-vechain-bootcamp-vol-1-8c0ffb91cfeaVe

VeChain supports the fight against the corona virus

In the fight against the corona virus, VeChain has developed a test in cooperation with I-Dante, which checks whether a person is a COVID-19 carrier. The tracking solution works with the E-NewHealthLife application and protects all data of the analyzed persons. So far, more than 1,200 people have downloaded and used the application at the largest airport in Cyprus to avoid isolation. Originally the product was developed for hospitals on the island of Cyprus.

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