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11 August 2022
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VeChain to attend conference with Microsoft, Amazon, and Alibaba

  • VeChain will held the keynote at the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020.
  • VeChain is expected to make history by opening the first VeChain technology session at the conference.

VeChain will have the opportunity to attend the World Artificial Intelligence Conference being organized by the Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. Being one of the biggest conferences of its kind, the likes of Amazon, Alibaba and Microsoft will be present. Interestingly, VeChain is expected to make history by opening the first blockchain technology session at the conference entitled “Blockchainize the Future, Power the Economy”.

VeChain to held keynote

The conference is scheduled to take place on 9 July 2020 to 11 July 2020 and will be hosted online due to the social distancing policies and the closure of borders linked to the COVID-19 pandemic. The Blockchain forum is said to be co-hosted by the Shanghai Municipal Commission of Economy and informatization, Shanghai Finance Association, and other prominent bodies.

Integrating the fast-rising Artificial Intelligence to the next round of industrial transformation and the revolution of the global economy has been a common topic for discussion with the blockchain technology pointed as one of the perfect inputs to power machines. A number of countries and industries have started looking at the contribution of blockchain to the laid down vision of raising robots perfectly designed to carry out instructions.

The submission of VeChain at the conference will look at their experience in the blockchain deployment, usage of the various business scenario, and current successful users as well as integration according to their report. VeChain primary has a mission of connecting the blockchain technology to the world, and they do this by providing IoT integration, a robust economic model, and a comprehensive governance structure. VeChain believes that their submission will be perfectly listened to and possibly admired by the attendees at the conference as they showcase their Blockchain infrastructure and technology to the whole world.

The global economy has suffered a massive hit by the COVID-19 pandemic, with a lot of concerns surrounding how to get the economy back on its feet. As part of the ways to accelerate the process, the meeting will open up to discussion on how to do this with a great focus on the blockchain seen as a massive force to get the economy booming. VeChain, in this case, will open the blockchain technology session as they are seen as the pioneers of the real-world application, thanks to the Blockchain being used as a tool.

VeChain is speeding up implementing enterprise solutions

VeChain has entered a number of partnership deals with renowned companies including Walmart which has provided a good benefit to their operation. The CEO of VeChain recently pointed out that they make progress every year, and the driving force of their adoption lies in how fast and satisfying it is to users coupled with the cost-effective merits. The VeChainThor (VET) has made significant progress as users have to use it to access the company’s smart contract.

Speaking on this, Lu said, the value of the VeChainThor is in its utility, not the individual deals. Though adoption is their major challenge, Lu believes that mass adoption and the technology behind VeChain will surely reveal the value of the asset.

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