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21 September 2021
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Vitalik Buterin Discusses About Blockchain Vs Spreadsheets In Wertheimer’s The Untrollable Show

Vitalik Buterin Discusses About Blockchain Vs Spreadsheets In Wertheimer’s The Untrollable Show

In response, the Ethereum founder highlights the risks associated with the GoogThereum especially the risk associated with hacking. He further stresses the fact that there are strong cases for all the three risks he has highlighted. 

However to this Wertheimer asserts that the web already solves the cases. He states an instance that one can rather opt Amazon server in case there occurs a compromise in the Google server.

Vitalik Buterin’s views

Buterin states his opinion about building a consortium chain with nodes run by Google, Huawei, and The Pirate Bay,  for instance. He agrees that it is a move to address various concerns. However his belief is that it can cause one to miss out on the advantages of centralization. Alongside that, he believes building such a chain can turn out tougher. Lastly stating that such chains have not come into existence yet. 

The Pirate Bay is a good example of a web app surviving numerous censorship attempts, Wertheimer tweets. He questions Buterin as to what can be wrong with the current fairly distributed web model.

Buterin cites an example of cryptocurrency asserting that a Pirate Bay-style team cannot maintain it. As he believes that it is difficult to migrate a system with the long-term active state running.

Furthermore, he draws focus to his view that a cryptocurrency isn’t the only application with the long-term state. As even the decentralized DNS-like system falls under the same category besides Stablecoins and synthetics. 


Lastly, Vitalik reasons out as to how Ethereum is better than GoogThereum. He highlights the benefit of being on the same platform as other Ethereum assets. Additionally, GoogThereum will have difficulty in having the same network effect due to probable risk-of-shutdown issues, Buterin tweets. Also he mentions its poor coordination.

Nonetheless, their further tweets highlight their views mainly on Tether, interoperability, and other related topics.

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