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26 September 2023
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Vitalik Buterin Wary of Upcoming Brain Implants as Neuralink Gets Ready for Friday Demo

The modern age has pulled all stops when it comes to technological advancements with cryptocurrencies just forming the tip of the iceberg. However, as technology moves ahead at a rapid pace, some tech evangelists have asked people to be more mindful of the changes.

As we approach the much-awaited demonstration of Elon Musk’s Neauralik, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin has put forth his own comments and suggestions on the topic. The 26- year old programming prodigy gave his two cents on why genetic modifications to the brain would be a bad idea in the long run. 

Musk and his Neuralink organization are touted to showcase the first workings of the model on Friday with many claiming how it would revolutionize the way we consume content. The Neuralink device works by embedding a device in a person’s body which in turn will act as the controller when any action is required to be taken. This interlink between a device and the human brain was seen as a disturbing attribute by Buterin, who sided more with genetic enhancements.

The Ethereum co-founder’s tweet read:

“Am I the only one who finds genetic enhancement of humans *much more palatable* than brain implants? Genes are hard to target; there’s no ‘gene for obedience to the communist party.’ But mixing brains and centralized digital tech risks eroding our strongest domain of privacy.”

Buterin’sn discussion also veered into how people can be controlled using devices such as the Neuralink. He also made the connection that there were also some flaws with gene therapy, pointing out some genes that are directly connected to obedience. He claimed that people with such genes are just as vulnerable to becoming obedient to cults that “the government hates’.

Some people even enquired if there existed devices that would make people obey the communist party. To this Buterin replied:

“No but I’m sure the brain implants that people will come up with by default could be easily backdoored to surveil people’s moods even about specific topics and so forth.”

The extent of Neuralink’s abilities is not yet confirmed but sources say that the live demo will show its brain machine interface while providing details about the state of human trials. Fans and critics alike will have to wait and watch how Musk plans to unfold his latest masterpiece and if it will bring positive changes to the world of technology.

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