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6 June 2023
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Volante’s platform can be used to settle through XRP

Volante Technologies is a global financial technology company, with two decades of experience serving as trusted strategic partners for financial institutions of all sizes.

Volante helps clients become more competitive by simplifying their systems and processes so they can stay ahead of emerging market trends. Volante’s solutions for payments and financial messaging automation power some of the world’s largest banks, market infrastructures, exchanges, clearinghouses, and card networks. Trillions of dollars move through their systems on a daily basis.

Today, Volante operates worldwide, serving 100+ customers in over 35 countries. It is a privately held firm and a Delaware corporation. Its global headquarters are in Jersey City, NJ, with regional offices in London, Dubai, Mexico City, Bogota, Santiago, Chennai, Hyderabad, and Pune.

Volante and Ripple

Volante was one of the earliest companies to create a solution specifically designed to accelerate the process of integrating with Ripple,

Building on an early VolPay Hub Ripple integration capability launched in October 2015, Volante’s built a new Ripple solution in 2016, available as a component of the VolPay Foundation payments development platform, that offers the same functionality across any bank, treasury or payment platform.

Volante and XRP

It was XRP community member Matt (@MatthewLINY) that asked Volante the million-dollar question: “Will XRP be a possible settlement mechanism for this platform? Thank you.” Volante surprised everyone with a reply:

Volante’s platform can be used to settle through XRP via Volante’s Ripple connection. Even though Volante doesn’t openly say it, asking for MORE banks insinuates that there are banks already settling through XRP via Volante, but this is only speculatio.

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