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28 November 2021
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Why Can’t XRP Show Quality on the Basis of Price?

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Community response:  I sold all of my XRP coin 2 hours ago. Frankly XRP was the worst coin that I ever had. More than a year wasted – my time and my money. I shouldn’t buy a coin that couldn’t hit its previous ATH for 4 years.

Please consider sending a message to all XRP holders, to update us on the SEC case. Or at least, consider having someone from your team being on an interview with some of the you tubers/lawyers.


Why can’t XRP show quality on the basis of price? Now we want XRPs features to be reflected in its price and not to lose its reputation. I hope you have an answer.

We expect serious attacks from Ripple, make a Coin Burn if necessary Let the supporters like it.

XRP is the bridge.  RippleNet offers connections to hundreds of financial institutions around the world via a single API. It helps you reduce, the need to pre-fund accounts with On-Demand Liquidity (ODL)—a service that uses the digital asset XRP to source liquidity during cross-border transactions.


It is the bridge between currencies – so it effectively translates currency to XRP and then out to a different currency is the way I understand it. It’s done in seconds so there’s no loss during the currency transaction. Swift does this but takes a day and costs more.

As long as you invest in XRP before the Ripple lawsuit ends then you’re still early.

By the time Ripple finds out that the Sec doesn’t want to clarify, but only wants them out of the way, Ripple will be out dated. Actually they already are.


The price is being traded down by BTC and ETH whales. These same whales also fund other projects that they proposition as a “Ripple-killer”, and XRP is being held down while they try to build and capture market share. XRP is superior tech, and threatens BTC and ETH whales.

Early XRP investors reported nearly twice the poverty compared to other crypto investments.

The answer is very simple. The XRPLedger uses a consensus mechanism to validate transactions at high speed and very low cost. Secondly, it’s secure and highly decentralized which make it impossible for bad actors to behave dishonestly. And last the community is on point IMHO.


All of these factors make the XRPLedger much more effective then PoW and PoS systems which are known to undermine smaller players.

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