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25 April 2024
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You Won’t Believe Who Tops The Solana Rich List: Unveiling Top SOL Holders 

Solana is among the top 10 best cryptocurrencies on CoinmarketCap and has $3,641,180,866 in trading volume. It is quite popular among crypto enthusiasts, and now we know the top holders with the update on Solana Rich List.

Solan is majorly popular among meme coin creators, as many successful meme coins are launched on this network. Currently, Solana price is trading at $185.24 after a good hike of 44% in a month.

Top Holders Of Solana Rich List

The Solana Rich List has revealed the top 100 Solana addresses carrying the maximum number of SOL tokens. SOL is the native token of the Solana network, used for transactions on the network. According to the list, there are 9,154,449 SOL holders, and the top 100 holders are responsible for carrying 21.92% of the total Solana tokens.

Compared to the previous year’s Solana Rich List data, the top holder SOL quantity has dropped a lot. Last year, the top 100 holders accounted for around 32.87% of the total SOL tokens, the same goes for the top 10 holders. As of this year, they are responsible for only 6% of the tokens, but previously they had more than 10%.

Solana Rich List

Notably, the top Solana address is “52C9T2T7JRojtxumYnYZhyUmrN7kqzvCLc4Ksvjk7TxD,” and is carrying around 4,370,785 SOL tokens, which is 0.85% of the total Solana quantity. In the last week, the address has gained 1,265 new SOL tokens, bringing it to the first spot on the list.

The second address carrying the most Solana tokens is “8BseXT9EtoEhBTKFFYkwTnjKSUZwhtmdKY2Jrj8j45Rt” and is not much behind the first in terms of quantity. This person holds 3,916,577 Solana tokens, which is around 0.77% of the total. It comes after the users sold 35,742 SOL tokens in the last week.

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Interestingly, the 35th top holder with address “H6vpvhyv8nVeXsoE3GCyZ4q2EViENnzwTJzw5fe8LnFV” has made a transaction of 2,067,258 tokens in the last week and now holds only 1,026,390, denoting the 0.20% of the total tokens only.

List of Major Exchange’s Solana Volume

Binance Exchange tops this list with 30% of the total volume in SOL/ USDT pairs on the platform. The 30% comes to a total of $714,685,785 in volume. The second spot goes to the OKX exchange, which has $277,601,817, around 11.67% of the total volume. Bybit comes third, followed by Coinbase in the SOL/USD pair. Each of these is responsible for 5.91% and 5.39%, respectively.


Solana is ranked 5th top cryptocurrency and is trading at $185.24 price. Though the crypto market has been down for a few days now, impacting the Solana price, the popularity is still high, where the top 100 addresses have almost 22% of the total SOL token as per the Solana Rich List.

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