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29 September 2023
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Price Analysis

Crypto-analysis: price Bitcoin and Altcoins negative

# 1 Crypto-analysis 1 February

The short recovery that we saw yesterday did not last long. In the course of the day, the price of the Bitcoin and prices of most Altcoins became red again. We still see this image this morning. In our crypto-analysis of the Bitcoin and top-25 Altcoins we will inform you exactly about the latest state of affairs.
In addition to the crypto-analysis, we naturally offer you the news overview of the past 24 hours. Then we look ahead with the crypto agenda, monetary announcements and preview for the next 24 hours and the weekend. With this information you start up-to-date on the new trading day and you are prepared for the days ahead. How these expire you can follow 24 hours a day with the live rates of the site CryptoClan.nl. Of course we will report again on Monday what will happen in the latest 24 hours in the latest crypto-analysis, for which you can give yourself for free.

# 2 Crypto-analysis: Quotes Bitcoin and Altcoin top 25

Yesterday we saw a beginning of recovery, but unfortunately, nice songs never last long. This morning the prices are red again. You see the current state of affairs in our crypto-analysis.

Prices Bitcoin and Altcoin top 10

Yesterday’s cautious recovery for the Bitcoin and most Altcoins in the top 10 apparently did not taste any more. Meanwhile, both the daily rates and the weekly rates are red again. In our graphic crypto-analysis you can see the state of affairs directly.

Crypto-analysis other Altcoins:

Even outside the top 10 we see that the recovery for most crypto coins has been short-lived. BinanceCoin (BNB) and USD Coin (USDC) are, respectively, + 2.90% and + 0.26% the exceptions that confirm the day rate line. Of the other prices, Nem (XEM) is the most negative with – 13.39%. On average, the rates lose about 4%. This logically leads to exclusively negative weekly rates.

# 3 The crypton news from the last 24 hours

In addition to our crypto-analysis, we released a background article yesterday about the 3 image problems that stand in the way of the real acceptance of Bitcoin (BTC).

Crypto coins

The Bitcoin has been showing losses for half a year in a row and the short-term outlook is not too favorable, according to this analysis. This analysis also shows that the bulls seem to take the upper hand. In this background article you can read why the Netherlands is more important for the Bitcoin (BTC) on several fronts than you might think.


The borrower of Bitcoin Cash (BCH) has an argument with Coinbase and the supporters of Bitcoin (BTC) after a film made by BCH and published by Coinbase. BTC supporters accused them of falsifications. BCH denies and is not happy with the accusations.

According to this analysis, Eos (EOS) is approaching an important price level. Will investors make or break the course?

The advance of the Tron (TRX) leads to speculation about a battle between Ethereum (ETH) and Tron (TRX). In this background article one looks for the real possibilities for such a struggle and what we can expect.

In this article the Basic Attention Token (BAT) is examined and the investment opportunities are listed.


Binance will soon offer the possibility to use a credit card through a partnership.


With the tracking of 28 tons of oranges, IBM has successfully completed an important Blockchain test.

Internet security provider Cloudbrick will also make more use of Blockchain technology, because the initial results are favorable.

Yael Tamar is a Blockchain expert for implementation within large companies. She explains why the banking sector can save billions by Blockchain.

Other crypto news

Van Eck has resubmitted the recently withdrawn ETF application. Unfortunately, the conditions for a quick positive decision seem less favorable, if only because now the legal term of 240 days starts again.

Experts warn regulatory authorities that they may be too late with ICO regulations.

Bloomberg sees opportunities for venture capitalists in the current market conditions.

Superinvestor Fidelity confirms the rumors about investments in the crypto market. They see positive prospects.

The ‘Staked’ crypto initiative, which is aimed at institutional investors, also received funding without much difficulty.

With the prediction that Litecoin (LTE) may drop to $ 6, and Bitcoin drops to $ 1,100, – dollar, we close the news overview. Fortunately, the predictor listens to the name ‘magic poop cannon’, a name he at least praises with this prediction.

# 4 The crypto agenda for today and the weekend

On the crypto-agenda we see some events today. For the Bitcoin and top 25 Altcoins there are today, but no public agenda items are listed for the weekend. However, there are a number of agenda items for the smaller crypto coins noted.

Fairs and events

Today we see the following events on the agenda:

  • Paris Blockchain Summit in Paris

No events are planned for Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 February.

Calendar Bitcoin and top 25 Altcoins

Today the airdrop snapshots start for the Vostok project of Waves (WAVES).

DogeCoin (DOGE) receives today its listing on cryptobeurs Cobinhood.

On Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 February there are no public agenda items listed for the Bitcoin and larger Altcoins today.

# 5 The next 24 hours

Today the preliminary consumer price index figures for January are announced in Europe. Also the publication of the markit procurement index for manufacturers in January is on the program.

In America, employment figures are on the program. In addition, the Markit purchasing index for manufacturers for January will also be on the program for America. Provisional purchasing figures for the industry in January are also on the program. With figures on turnover in construction in February and car sales in January, today’s publications are complete.

For the weekend there are no publications on the program in Europe or in America.

We now know that such figures have little or no influence on the crypto markets. Now that the crypto-agenda does not offer any reason to expect a major influence on the prices, the crypto market will have to show again on its own strength whether it can use the road upwards or whether a further decline is unavoidable. You can see how the day and trade weekend go on the CryptoClan.nl site, which offers live races 24 hours a day. With our crypto-analysis of Monday morning, for which you can register for free now, we will keep you informed of the developments of the coming day and offer a new preview.


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