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27 March 2023
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Crypto-analysis: sideways trend rate Bitcoin and prices Altcoins continues

# 1 Crypto-analysis 1 March

Yesterday we saw mainly sideways price movements for the price of the Bitcoin and prices of top 25 Altcoins. Today the situation is virtually the same. The weekly rates therefore remain mainly negative. We do however see that the trend is mainly positive. In our crypto-analysis of the Bitcoin and top-25 Altcoins we will inform you exactly about the latest state of affairs.

After the crypto-analyzes we offer you with the news overview of the last 24 hours an overview of the most important events. If you are up-to-date, we look ahead to the trading day before us and the weekend with the crypto agenda and a preview of the monetary announcements. How the rates develop today and in the weekend you can follow 24 hours a day with the live courses of the site CryptoClan.nl. Of course we will report again on Monday of all the events in a new crypto-analysis, for which you can give yourself for free.

# 2 Crypto-analysis: Quotes Bitcoin and Altcoin top 25

The market was relatively quiet yesterday. Just like yesterday, we also see a lot of fluctuating rates without many outliers in fluctuation with one exception. However, sentiment appears to be more positive, with daily rates rising slightly over the course of the morning. You see the current state of affairs in our crypto-analysis.

Prices Bitcoin and Altcoin top 10

We saw yesterday that the prices changed and especially moved sideways. BinanceCoin (BNB) is the exception that confirms the rule by recording a steep price increase. These sideways price movements dominate the market today. This keeps the weekly prices in the red, although the sentiment seems a bit more positive this morning. You can see the current state of affairs in our graphical crypto-analysis.

Crypto-analyse 1 maart: koers Bitcoin en koersen Altcoins bewegen vooral zijwaarts. Live koersen vastgelegd om 8.15 uur.

Crypto-analysis other Altcoins:

Outside the top 10, price movements are also mainly sideways. Biggest riser is Dash (DASH) with 2.22% and biggest loss is Bitcoin SV (BSV) with 2.34%. The weekly prices also give a varying picture.

# 3 The crypto news of the past 24 hours

Yesterday we did an interview with Apple founder Steve Wozniak. Why he remains positive about the Bitcoin you read in this article.

Crypto coins

Payment provider Square had a good year last year despite the cryptocrisis. They sold $ 166 million to Bitcoin. The fact that their investors have confidence was evident from the fact that a great deal was purchased in the fourth quarter (a total of $ 165 million on an annual basis).


Now that the Constantinople and St Petersburg hard forks have been successfully implemented, analysts expect a bull rally for Ethereum (ETH).

This article explains why the Ripple (XRP) is on the brink of a major break-out. Meanwhile, the listing on Coinbase remains a hot topic.

The course of the Tron (TRX) is sideways, but moves to a critical point. When should the choice be bullish / bearish?

Basic Attention Token (BAT) has announced that it is accepted as a payment method in many stores.

This overview shows the best performing crypto coins of the month of February.

With this crypto-analysis for the three main crypto coins for next weekend we will close the news about crypto coins.


Cryptobeurs Kraken delivers a reward of one hundred thousand dollars for those who can recover the funds from Quadriga CX.

Cryptobeurs Coinbase is under fire after a series of misses. Users even call for a boycott. The news that they have taken over a start-up with dubious reputation does not help.

Other crypto news

The founder of My Big Coin can prepare for my big lawsuit now that he has been arrested for seven charges for fraud and fraud with this crypto coin.

The crypto-investor who became known last year because he threw money from an Asian balcony, has now been arrested together with a companion for fraud and fraud.

Bil Barhydt is founder of payment platform Abra. He sees little in private crypto coins and the JPM coin, according to this interview.

# 4 The crypto agenda for today and the weekend

The crypto agenda goes quietly on the weekend. There is one event known and no important agenda items for the Bitcoin and top 25 Altcoins. In addition, we see a number of agenda items for the smaller crypto coins.

Fairs and events

No major fairs and events are planned today.

On Saturday 2 and Sunday 3 March, the Crypto Investor Show will take place in London.

Agenda items Bitcoin and top 25 Altcoins

The public agenda for Bitcoin and the top 25 Altcoins remains empty today and the weekend.

Calendar smaller crypto coins

The overview for the events and agenda items of smaller crypto coins can be found here.

# 5 The outlook for the next 24 hours and the weekend

In Europe, the Markit Purchasing Trends are being announced today. The publication of the provisional price index figures for consumers is also central. Finally, the publication of the investment figures in the American raw materials trade is on the program.

In America today figures on private consumption, expenditure and income are announced in December. Purchase prices for February and the Markit indices are also announced. Finally, figures on trade in raw materials and car sales are on the program in February. In addition to the announcements, chairman Powell and board member Clarida of the FED will give a speech at separate events.

For Saturday and Sunday the monetary agenda of Europe and America is empty.

We anticipate little interference from the outside with the crypto market on the basis of the aforementioned forecast. With the crypto-agenda, the development is somewhat more difficult to foresee. The large amount of figures that we can expect from America today give us a lot of insight at once. If these differ from expectations, a market reaction may be the case. You can follow how this will take place on the CryptoClan.nl site, which offers live races 24 hours a day, also on weekends. With our crypto-analysis of Monday morning, for which you can register for free now, we will keep you informed of the developments during the trading day that is still ahead of us.


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