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21 May 2024
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This Play Store app secretly sent cryptocoins to the wrong wallet

There are several reasons why many people are reluctant to work with cryptocurrencies. An important reason is of course the fact that you can lose your money and the cryptocoins still do not seem to rise to glorious values. Another reason is that the coins are a popular target for hackers. And unfortunately, hackers and thieves continue to try it. Recently, another app was removed from the Google Play Store, which secretly managed to transfer cryptocoins to the wrong wallet.

Transfer coins yourself to the thief

It is about the MetaMask app, which set itself up as a legit cryptocurrency app. He appeared on the 1st of February in the Google Play Store and is a so-called “clipper” app. To transfer money to a wallet, a series of characters is used, which represents the address of the wallet. Because it is a long series, many people copy the address and then paste it back into an app or on a website website. A clipper app sneaky replaces the copied address with a different address and unconsciously makes you transfer your coins to the thief in this way.


MetaMask app Play Store

Removed from Play Store

The app was fortunately spotted by the online security firm ESET and after the discovery was passed on to Google, the app disappeared quickly from the Play Store. ESET also indicates that there have been other fraudulent MetaMask apps in the Play Store and has a few tips for not falling into the trap. For example, it is important to update your Android device in time and download a reliable security app. It would also be important to only go to apps from the Play Store and always check whether the app also has a corresponding site. Finally, it is wise to check whether the link you are pasting is also what you actually copied.

The latter is probably the best way to not be robbed by a clipper app. Because even if the app comes from the Play Store, it can apparently still go wrong. There is actually a legit MetaMask website, but this has nothing to do with the fraudulent app. Incidentally, the Samsung Galaxy S10 could possibly help you keep your coins safe. The smartphone would be equipped with a hardware wallet. Whether that is really true, we will finally discover it on February 20th.

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