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6 December 2022

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TL;DR Breakdown Whales storing up Ethereum may cause the price to rise. The surging interest in NFT may also trigger a price surge. Ethereum will become a 5-digit asset, says analyst Lark Davis. Ethereum Whales holding on strong to ETH The number of whales holding ETH has not dropped in about four months as they refuse to sell their holdings, reveals Santiment. According to the data, Ethereum whales are still holding on strong even after the price hit a new ATH not quite long. This could cause the price of Ether to rise in the long run. Crypto analyst, Lark Davis, noted that the price of Ethereum may surge due to the current supply shortage compared to demand. He said that he expects the price to rise more than 400% which would take it above $10,000. He continued that one possible trigger will be the increasing number of Ethereum Whales that are holding the asset for long thereby causing a supply crunch. Lark mentioned that the current NFT mania could also drive the price to higher highs. There is no doubt about this since NFTs (non-fungible tokens) are created on a smart contract platform like Ethereum. Considering that Ethereum is the major market for the NFT, this may also cause a price surge.

Ethereum Whales increase their buying spree Earlier this week, Ethereum Whales moved 235,000 ETH from centralized exchanges in just an hour. This happens to be the second-largest ETH outflow...